Hobnobs medley beatbox catastrophe

I once caught sight of an email that was circulated around a few advertising houses (I think it was from some one at DDB) that namechecked popular blogs being read by advert types. AdTurds was namechecked in a section called ‘for rude boys and girls’, which pleased me.

There was another blog under the same heading, called Copy Cunts that I commend to you. Copy Cunts finds examples of adverts ripped off popular internet memes and presented as if new, shiny, interesting and worth a bill of £250,000.

There are a few that I’m aware of – generally any advert you think it cool – but I’ve not found one myself before. Before we go any further, here’s Beardyman with an absolute slice of fried cocaine.

He’s good innee? Innee good?

Anyway, here’s something utterly awful to put you in a bad mood.

Hate it? Good. So does everyone else in the world. Especially the people who made it. To them this advert is a constant reminder that they have bequeathed something hideous to the world.

They have not made people laugh, cry, hope for a better world or see the everyday beauty in something that has become overfamiliar.

They have made some people irritated about biscuits. Well done.

EDIT: CopyCunts did this ages ago. So, ironically, I’m a Copy Cunt. Oh dear.