PaddyPower: Wheely shit

I was looking up some old ads that PaddyPower did a couple of years ago, having been reminded of a good run of ads a few years ago that featured sporting types in unlikely situations.

Then I found this one on Youtube, an advert sees four guys in wheelchairs doing a runner from a curry house simply to set up a horribly lame scenario where an irate Indian man swears in Hindi at four paraplegics and calls them ‘wheelies’. Just for a second you could almost imagine you’re watching Love Thy Neighbour or some other openly offensive – and deeply shit – 70s sitcom.

It’s titled ‘Banned Paddy Power Ad’ and the subhead is ‘They wouldn’t let us put this one on TV’. Well, with such dangerously radical material I’m not surprised The Man got his knickers in a twist, political correctness and health and safety and all.

“Not offensive, just shit!,” says the first comment.

“What a shit advert…this shit isn’t going viral lol,” reads the second.

The ad has a ratio of exactly two Dislikes to every Like thus far. Which goes some way to restoring my faith in humanity. But confirms everything I’d previously suspected about PaddyPower.