Go Compare Save the Nation advert

You know when someone says something that’s a bit surreal or off-the-wall that kind of has the potential to be funny but falls very flat?

It comes across as just a bit awkward and try-hard – like it was pre-meditated and someone decided that they would say it and it would be hilarious and make out that they were just being spontaneous and wacky?

But it’s someone who isn’t know for being spontaneous and wacky – it’s someone know for being deeply unfunny and even a bit of a knob.

You feel sorry for them, because they’re making an effort. Most attempts at humour are really some sort of attempt to ingratiates oneself in a social situation. But when someone tries it an it falls flat it’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

You know those moments? The awkward silence? Someone attempting to humour them? Their own obliviousness to the fact that their joke just fell flatter than a whaffer-thin mint?

That’s what this Go Compare ad is. And if you missed the reference that’s how Go Compare should have done this new twist on the Gio Compario story. Sue Barker blowing him up with a bazooka? Tragically unfunny.

This is a shame, because this new ad starts really well – Gio running over to a couple of singing the ‘Go Compare jingle at them. They’re disturbed, unsure. There’s a ot of comic potential here – but it’s all wasted in a kerrayzee (in reality more lame than a John Bishop gag) pay-off that has everyone involved staring at their shoes in shame.

An opportunity missed – and quite possibly the start of a shit new campaign that has Bruce Forsyth, Christine Bleakley and Gary Linekar trying to finish off the fat fuck.

ETA: Now with added Stuart Pearce. Literally everything I wrote above applies to this too.