Uniform Dating adverts

Uniform Dating, as far as I can tell, is an online dating agency for people who work in uniform – or just like uniforms. I suppose this includes various armed forces, medical staff, police, darts players, burger flippers and sewage workers.

I can’t really work out why this should be considered a good idea. Although there must be a lot of people in the UK who wear a uniform to work, I’m unclear on why it should theoretically bring them together.

Why not dating websites for other groups of people who are notionally bound together by something that actually bears no relation to their personality, outlook, lifestyle or sexual preference? Why not dating sites for people who have fungal nail infections, enjoy watching snooker or only have a short space of time to live instead?

Saying that, I’m reminded of the Bacchanalian excess of student nights that were put on by medics, in particular, at my university.

Seemingly hellbent on destroying their own livers as they were studying those belonging to freshly-dead corpses, the medics would head to a nightclub in Liverpool called The Blue Angel, where the prospective doctors of the future would get together with the prospective nurses of the future and promptly knob them into the middle of next week (a ritual I’m informed continues well beyond graduation).

So perhaps there’s logic to uniform dating after all. The medic pound seems like it’s probably a fairly lucrative one. And I haven’t even got round to describing what male and female acquaintances in the armed forces get up to…