Rob Brydon P&O Cruises Advert

rob brydon P&O advert

Very little to say about this P&O Cruises Advert starring the ubiquitous Rob Brydon other than:

I’m not sure how Rob Brydon hasn’t entered the realm of full-blown hated celebrity, but he’s going to be an interesting test to judge just how much shit you can do for cash before people start to take against you;


his hair transplant is bedding in nicely;


his Mum must really want a caravan.

Brydon is able to navigate TV genres in a way no-one else can – slotting seamlessly into shit-eating adverts, voiceovers and chat show guff while, at the same time, being completely comfortable with Human Remains and his Michael Winterbottom stuff.

It’s a fact that The Trip makes much of, to Steve Coogan’s chagrin. Just imagine Steve Coogan in these P&O Cruises adverts. It’s a proposition impossible to take seriously – particularly were he to appear with a woman clearer a couple of decades his junior, echoing Alan Partridge’s desire for ‘a 40-year-old scorcher’ in the episode in which Alan does an advert for a waterbound holiday.

It’s called Watership Alan and once you’ve seen Coogan spoofing such adverts, it leaves Brydon rather high and dry. Then again, this is a man who felt comfortable enough to voice Andrex’s quite horrible Scrunch Or Fold advert, where he claimed that the nation was divided between two cohorts of 30 million people who can’t agree on how to hold the bog roll when they wipe their arses.

It’s utterly shameless. Yet Brydon manages to get away with it somehow. Added to his appearance, which could never really be termed youthful but never seems to get any older, and it’s proof that the Welsh funnyman has a contract with devil. As well as P&O.