Adidas Cantina Advert ‘Celebrates Originality’

People or organisations banging on about how much they love Star Wars is about as boring as it’s possible to be. Referencing Star Wars is anything these days is basically short-hand for ‘we know we’ve got nothing interesting to say, but our demographics love this sort of shit’. It’s so tired it’s frankly inexcusable.

This effort by Adidas, who can boast some good ads over the years, mixes Star Wars with its various brand ambassadors, including David Beckham, Daft Punk, Snoop, Ian Brown and Noel Gallagher. I don’t know who any of the others are.

It’s an extremely lazy pastiche of the Cantina scene, and it doesn’t really hang together at all when you look at it. Some stuff happens; it may or may not be related; the end. The climax to all of this is a single line uttered by Beckham so devoid of timing, rhythm or cadence you suspect he’s ben anesthetized by his agent as a desperate attempt to get him to co-operate.

Elsewhere, Brown and Gallagher start fights; some witless clown gurns for a bit; and Snoop calls someone a foo’. The amount of cash spunked all over this unfunny pointless ad could probably feed a third world country for a week.

The devastating pay-off to all of this? ‘Celebrate originality’. The sheer fucking brass cojones of that slogan. Noel Gallagher’s back catalogue has more originality and less contempt for its audience than this sorry affair.

The worst thing is, I love Adidas. Though, to be fair, I hate Star Wars.