Agent Provocateur Lesbian BDSM Assault

I suppose if your company is called Agent Provocateur you’re going to court controversy. But a sado-masochistic assault on a clearly distressed woman? Hmm. Just how important is it to sell pants?

So important that you riff on a frightened woman’s discomfort at having her home invaded and being subjected to a kind of bondage-orientated sex show? (Although not so important the ASA haven’t banned it). Apparently so. Just so we’re clear oaths, sexual assault in knickers adverts is OK.

And then, get this, she emerges clad in the same kinky gear as the rest of them. It’s a moment of rebirth, revelation – almost valedictory. What on earth is this telling us?

She emerges as a Stepford Slut. A featureless, emotionless sex machine. Silent. Subjugated. And utterly fucking filthy. It’s shockingly sexist and wholly inappropriate (yes a man made it).

So disgracefully inappropriate that I need to watch it again, just to correctly gauge how disgraceful.

Jesus. Outrageous. Oh God. Disgusting.