Adturds Classics: Andy Cole And Reebok

andy cole advert reebok

I always loved this ad about Andy Cole and what would have happened to him if he’d not bought a pair of Reebok footie boots in 1987.

Cole is either brilliantly deadpan or wonderfully wooden, depending on how you look at it, but I think it works well either way. His ‘whoosh’ and patient looks at the door of the chippie are particularly good.

It’s increasingly hard to imagine any Premiership footballers sending themselves up in this way in this day and age. Just try and imagine Harry Kane doing something like this.

Having said that, there is a more recent advert mining a similarly rich seam. Compare the Andy Cole advert with a recent, similar effort with a bearded Wayne Rooney whose career has hit the skids thanks to Frank Ribery.

Thanks to Kanye Pest