CSL Adverts Go Deep

Well, what to make of this? Having seen the head massage bit and the foot rub bit I was all set to ponder exactly where this goes next – a spot of light frotting perhaps or a bit of bagpiping?

Sadly for me CSL seem to have foreseen this eventuality and beaten me to the punch, even if it is the equivalent of smashing yourself in the face before someone else does.

The reason I say this is because the advert – this is an advert about sofas by the way – sees a CSL salesman straddling a customer (who is face down on some of CSL’s finest wares, possibly gnawing on a CSL pillow) and announcing that he is about to ‘go deep’.

Does CSL extend these kind of optional extras to all of its customers, I wonder? Does a pouffe come with a complimentary blowjob? A recliner with a friendly overnight Vietnamese ladyboy? Perhaps the full suite comes with a free East European concubine?

If you think that sounds unlikely then why not ponder a fairly blatant anal sex joke in a commercial for soft furnishings?

Here’s another ad from the same series that has a similar awkwardness about it, rather like a risque public joke that people nervously at.

Who’s the intended audience here? Because if it’s LOLing Facebookers who don’t have two pennies to rub together then it’s hard to see this as anything other than an enormous brand misfire.

Next week: The CSL dweeb with the bad haircut owling on chaises longues.