Everest Ads: You Didn’t Expect Everest To Be Doing That!

I don’t have a massive problem with these ‘you didn’t expect Everest to be doing that’ adverts, but they do invite the point that no-one has ever pondered what Everest does with its products. It’s the answer to a question no-one has ever asked.

Along the same lines, you might pose such questions as:

“Did you know Hartlepool Mill House Leisure Centre has an outdoor waterslide?”;

“What would David Cameron look like with rubies for eyes?”;

“Could Kris Marshall run across the backs of several alligators without getting eaten?” and

“What happens if you bake a dildo into a birthday cake?”

In fact, all of those questions are more likely to be asked than “I wonder what Everest will be using in its products in 25 years’ time?”

A far more fitting question might be ‘what the hell were those people thinking ripping out those sash windows and sticking some awful uPVC fittings in?”