Laughing Cow Advert

Things that are not frightening when laughing: Babies; some children; some adults

Things that are frightening when laughing: clowns; gnomes; Christopher Walken; dentists; cows; cows making cheese; rapping, soul-singing cows wearing bling and make-up; cows making cheese with the milk from their own udders, eating it and laughing.

The Laughing Cow is one such example of something frightening when it laughs. Especially as it drinks its own milk. I mean, what the fuck is up with that? Dirty bleeder.

Anyway, if you can bear to make it through this advert you might learn that Laughing Cow cheese is ‘made with laughter’ and ‘creamy goodness’. Not to mention pasteurized cultured milk, enzymes, ultra-filtered nonfat milk, water, anhydrous milk fat, sodium phosphate and sodium polyphosphate, sodium citrate and citric acid.

Still, you’d have your work cut out trying to fit that into a song.