Sex sells #2: Nigella Lawson Caramel Bukkake

There’s a very easy – and wholly unbelievable – get-out that advertisers can use in these cases; if you find something naughty about the image then that’s your look-out. Not only that, but you’re a filthy pervert to boot.

I suppose, put that way, there’s really nothing at all that’s odd about having Nigella ‘I’m shoving a banana down my throat and spraying cream over my tits’ Lawson looking beatific while ‘salted caramel’ drips down her face at all – and the fact that it appears as if La Lawson is on the receiving end of a popular pornographic shot that’s increasingly referenced in popular culture – is pure coincidence.

This isn’t new – look at the longstanding ‘Got Milk’ (Make Mine Milk in the UK) adverts. Shots of famous and beautiful women with what looks like milk smeared across their lips.

You could just about get away with claiming that there’s no innuendo there, but that’s rather blown out of the water by these images featuring Josie Maran squeezing a teat and spraying the white stuff all over her smiling, open-mouthed, tongue-out face.

Not convinced? Try these Russian milk adverts from a couple of years that at least have the nerve to be honest about what’s being referenced here: milk = jizz.

Enjoy your cornflakes.

NB. An incoming link to this post from a French post described Nigell thusly: Nigella, c’est la superwoman brit’ sexy, très fameuse pour ses émissions télé pleines de slurp slurp sensualité -diffusées sur CuisineTV dans notre contrée. Certains l’ont même surnommée Queen of food porn.

Sounds filthy eh?