Puzzling Depilation Advert Claim

In a top 100 of strange statistical claims made by people trying to sell you stuff, Nivea’s assertion that “77% of women feel sexier when their underarms look good” must rank fairly highly.

Apparently this was derived from interviews with 2,550 women. It appears to have been put in there by Nivea to make people feel insecure about their bodies and to thus sell more crappy deodorant. Cynically, we are even told that using the stuff is “great news for your love life”.

I’m keen to consider the wider implications of Nivea’s statistical exposition. Do the remaining 23% of women feel less sexy when their underarms look good? And is this analogous with feeling sexier when your underarms look bad? Also, is it too weird to show a man kissing a woman’s armpit? Even if she proceeds to beat him senseless with a pillow while grinning maniacally?

If these questions strike you as absurd, you are probably best suited to a career outside advertising.