Ask AdTurds: Who is the twat on the Betvictor ads?

Maurice moans in pecuniary delight
Maurice moans in pecuniary delight

This is a question that AdTurds readers have been typing into their search in droves, so I thought I’d educate them: The twat in question is Mr Paul Kaye, an actor and comedian much liked in these parts for his comic creations Dennis Pennis and Mike Strutter. He’s also a good, if unconventional actor, who seems to spread his time between interesting, offbeat projects and a load of utter shite.

Chandler - fearing a violent sexual assault?
Chandler – fearing a violent sexual assault?

His role in the BetVictor ads as Maurice – following the same kind of mind-drilling tactics as, Go Compare and Ladbrokes to try and brand a product that’s essentially the same as all the others in the sector – see him firmly in the latter category.

But let’s get this straight – these are profoundly disturbing adverts. The confluence of groans, growls, pneumatic breasts and weird physicality combine to make him a sinister character. Chandler appears genuinely disturbed to be confronted with Maurice on occasions – and the implication is that Kaye’s character stalks the bet-loving Brillo Pad around his places of work, life and leisure.

Clearly Maurice is a man who loves gambling (ever notice how that word is never used in relation to, er, gambling, by bookmakers?), apparently to the point of some sort of psychosis. It’s an unsettling notion.

These ads have grown on me as time has gone by. Quite how they managed to get such weird adverts passed is a bit of a mystery, but it’s as if Kaye set out to make the most grotesque ads imaginable. In that, he succeeded.

But I must question the wisdom of featuring a man apparently driven to insanity by his love of gambling – if that’s what happens when you’re obsessed with pissing your cash up the wall on sport and sad mobile games I want no part of it.

Next advert: Maurice just crying and crying as he relates his lost family, repossessed house and descent into addition at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.