A List of Iceland’s Brand Ambassadors

I offer the following roll call with no comment.

Kerry Katona

Weirdly it’s hard to tell if Iceland thought Katona’s car-crash life made her less or more suitable to front their adverts.

Coleen Nolan

Said this: ““I’ve really enjoyed the last three years and loved working with the cast and crew. But now feels like the right time to move on and seek new challenges.”

Jason Donovan

‘…naked from the waist down an nursing a stiffy…”

Stacy Solomon

The only other things I’ve ever seen Stacy Solomon in are IACGMOOH and the Andrex advert where people are asked whether they scrunch or fold when they wipe their arses.

Peter Andre

Literally the only time Peter Andre takes the bus home after doing his weekly shop at Iceland is when he has a gigantic nervous breakdown.