Adverts I Like – 2009

Though this whole blog is pretty much guaranteed to paint me as a frothing-at-the-mouth misanthrope, I’m not constantly functioning with a spleen being vented. I’ve occasionally been known to crack a smile; show pleasure and, yes, enjoy things.

Sometimes an ad passes by that I actually like. They’re generally not trying too hard, not attempting to annoy me, and not being self-consciously wacky and ironic. They usually feature smart visuals, understated humour or just simple good ideas well executed. They’re usually for fringe products who know their niche. It’s arguably not a coincidence that these following ads that I like could be aimed at me, or someone like me at any rate.

I’m a big mark for car adverts – especially those coming from Ford, Audi, Volkswagen and Honda – as they tend to be the most creative ads out there. In the case of VW’s Night Driving, they can even be beautiful.

So anyway, here are some adverts I like. Normal service will be resumed…very soon.

Old Speckled Hen wraparounds

Cravendale advert – “Milk! Milk!”

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer advert

Pimms advert