Clever And Hilarious Print Ads?

This list of ‘best print ads’ includes the most ’20 Most Hilarious And Clever Print Ads Ever’ according to the Business Insider site, or ’20-of-the-most-hilairious-and-clever-print-ads-ever-2010′ according to the URL – thus becoming the first article to break known laws of time.

There are quite a few old favourites in here but there’s a good amount of newbies too, including several from some glass-cleaning product manufacturer called Windex, the best of which is below.

My favourite is one for insect-and-bug-killing spray Raid, showing an arm presumably belonging to everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Subtle, witty and memorable. Just don’t tell Marvel.

There are a few genuine funnies, including ads for Pepsi Twist (a lime urinating lime juice – presumably – into a can of Pepsi); one for Bose noise reduction headphones (man rows obliviously towards waterfall); Timotei (bouffant lion); clothes softener Softlan Ultra (a wrestler enjoying the feeling of his opponent’s vest); Chupa Chups (ants avoid lolly on ground).

There’s also one for diamonds that suggests that buying a girl an engagement ring will mean you get to open more than just a joint account. It’s rather unpleasant, and reminiscent of Family Guy spoof of De Beers’ adverts.

Inevitably a few are neither clever nor hilarious, including one for Sheetz (sauce on chip) and Aquafresh. Amusingly, Hugh Cornwell out of The Stranglers seems to put in an appearance one of the glass-cleaning ads too.