2015 Adverts I Liked

trainline i am train

OK. I won’t make a habit of this. But these are some adverts I liked in 2015. I’m not going to pretend they’re the best adverts of 2015 but they’re some of the best. Fair play, one of them is barely an advert at all. And you probably didn’t see two of them. And you’ll definitely disagree with one of them. But this is my blog after all. Feel free to leave your suggestions at the bottom or just, yknow, go away.

Blue Cross Advert

A lovely bait-and-switch that reveals another sad side of Christmas, namely pets being abandoned. Animal cruelty and neglect might be small beer in the grand scheme of things but it’s something I can’t bear. Sometimes we need to see the unmediated truth – something the television is loathe to provide us with, lest we switch over. And, frankly, it’s rare that an advert like doesn’t end up with a dog singing, finding a mate or being otherwise cute in an attempt to make us buy something.

Bang – right in the feels.

I Am Train advert

I just think the execution and concept of this ad are perfect- and it’s pleasingly off-kilter considering it’s advertising something fairly dull. The triumphant BAAAA-BAAAAAAAAAAAAA! is honestly joyous and very funny to behold. If only we could rentionalise our railways and have them run properly.

Dave’s Xmas advert

This caught my eye for its unashamed weirdness. In all honestly I found I was never sure whether I was more amused or disturbed by it. Anything that invokes The Nightmare Before Christmas is OK un my book but it’s done so very well with its mock operatic vocals and OTT animation.

Ribena advert

I could wax lyrical about the parallax scrolling and unhinged soundtrack – kinda like early 90s gaming crossed with Vic+Bob and Mighty Boosh – but it’s just a gloriously surreal Fuck You to everyone in the world really. And voiced by Norman Lovett. I Lovett.

Audi advert

Audi has got form – it’s been putting out amazing adverts for a decade now. I’m nonplussed by most Audi cars and my feeling is that they’ve done an amazing job of branding over the last ten years. People want them – but they couldn’t explain why if their life depended on it.

Put 90 people out of 100 in an A3, a top-spec Golf and a blinged-up Leon and I seriously doubt they could tell the difference. Yet they prefer to spend another 50% on an A3 anyway. Advert like this are the reason.

Here an R8 gives birth to an RS3 in a fairly disturbing Cronenberg-esque punch of body horror. Startling. And now you probably want to buy one of the sodding things too.

That’s it. There might be more but frankly I don’t make a habit of watching adverts if I can avoid it. What do you expect from a blog about how horrible advertising is?