Brilliant St John’s Ambulance Advert

This St John’s Ambulance advert – starring David Mitchell as a pen lid, David Walliams as a princess doll, Johnny Vegas a jelly baby and Sir John Hurt as a peanut, collectively The Chokeables – is the latest from British charities showing what you need to do should in a life-threatening situation – a child start choking on a small object in this instance.

I like adverts that show something practical, even more so if they show something potentially life-saving, rather like the British Heart Foundation’s Stayin Alive adverts starring Vinnie Jones.

In a time when lifehacks are very popular it’s interesting that adverts are really the perfect delivery method for planting these important ideas in people’s heads. They’re literal lifehacks.

It’s enough to make one wonder about the wisdom of doing away with public-information films – but then I look at David Cameron’s face and realise that it’s not surprising at all.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly commend this ad – and though I wouldn’t normally ask you to share a link, this is an advert that deserves all the exposure it gets.