AdWorms: January’s Most Annoying Advert

There are a few adverts around at the moment that aren’t really worth the full works. There’s not actually a huge amount to say about them, beyond acknowledging how disastrously annoying they are and the clear fact that these can be reduced down to some people repeating the name of a company until you remember it.

This is, by any standards, conditioning. Pretty sinister when you think about, cupcake.

These might not be the actual worst or the most evil or inept, but they’re the most annoying noises your television exposes you to currently, in my humble one. Choose your most hated.


Currently mobilising the entirety of the country in sympathy with Birmingham, which doesn’t happen very often, this is from the people who gave us Gio Compario and actually features a Brummie actor. Which is as much of an alibi as creating a sitcom about comedy paedophiles and then protesting that the actors are actually paedophiles.

Youtube Likes/Dislikes: 59-100


Taking heroin
for a laugh;
sticking a cactus,
up your arse;
while you should be hurling a brick at your TV when the Hive advert comes on at home

I blame Nizlopi. I truly hated The JCB Song, a kind of hymn for the bullied, that kicked off the speaking/singing thing by people with truly punchable voices. There’s an obvious intent to these ads – an implication of something homely, trustworthy, winsome. To me it’s fey, affected and thoroughly calculated.

Youtube Likes/Dislikes: 95-43

Voyage Prive

What does Voyage Prive mean to me? Smug. Wankers.

Youtube Likes/Dislikes: 19-7

NB. I’ve paid attention to Youtube stats for a few years now. Any advert that polls more than 5% dislikes is in trouble, so it’s fairly clear none of these adverts are going down very well.