More new Apple ads

Oh look, it’s some new ads for Apple, each of which manages to be smugger than the last and which only Apple fanboys think are funny.

Pick of the bunch has to be the one taking the piss out of PCs for needing loads of small print in their advertising in order to justify the claims made.

That’s a lot of legal copy

says the smug Apple bloke at one point.

This has to be one of the most cravenly hypocritical ideas of all time. In case everyone has forgotten, Apple was forced to change one of its iPhone adverts last year after the Advertising Standards Authority said it misled customers over the twatty gadget’s internet capability. Consequently, it now includes various small print in its TV spots such as

Steps removed and sequence shortened

Or, to put it another way: This advert is based on a lie.

I like Apple products. I’m using a Mac to type this. But I find Apple’s TV advertising to be bumptious, patronising and almost wilfully annoying. And smug. Did I mention smug?