Pot Noodle kebab advert

‘Hilarious!’ says the blurb on Youtube that accompanies this advert. My verdict is somewhat shorter: ‘Shit’.

The first time I saw this I thought it was OK, as it was a fairly competent parody of absurdly OTT hip-hop vids of the kind favoured by P Diddy Paff Poof and that little shit from the Neptunes.

But on a second viewing I realised that it was trying too hard to be funny – the speccy bloke wearing a skirt is especially crap – and wasn’t remotely funny. The fact that it should have been makes it worse.

No-one can do a parody with a straight face any more – there’s always some signifier to explain to the audience how wacky and meta they’re being. This inevitably makes it shit.

And so it is here. The icing on the cake are the always-annoying soundbites between lines: ‘Like what’ ‘Oh dear’ ‘Thanks’ ‘Whatcha got?’ ‘You kidding me?’

To add insult to injury it’s a bad rip-off of Flight of the Conchords.

Fucking shit.