Jamie’s American Road Trip

I cannot for the life of me figure out what the hell all of this is about. It would appear to be about a new series of Jamie Oliver’s, and it’s something to do with America.

What specifically, I can’t tell. Because C4 is promoting the new show by showing Oliver dressed as all of the Village People. Variously Oliver removes a whisk from his pants and winks suggestively at a female customs official, shows his arse in a pair of chaps and appears to invite the prospect of a man fingering his anus.

Is it something to do with food, another of his messianic and vaguely puritanical event shows where he teaches the great unwashed to cook, or whether it’s some great tedious road trip thing featuring the chef’s pretentious observations of the American Dream framed by awkward segueways where Jamie cooks a native American meal. I’m guessing the latter.

Either way, this ad for it is not so much shit, as just baffling and vaguely disturbing. I look forward to a Channel 4 News ad featuring Jon Snow, Zeinab Badawi and Krishnan Guru Murphy whipping each others’ legs with rolled-up towels in a sauna.