Go Compare advert

This allegedly funny advert for Go Compare falls into the same ‘memorable through being infuriating’ genre and marks the company’s inevitable move away from their previous bland fare to the razor-blade-in-a-bath shock tactic of the latest.

Already garnering the kind of LOL!1! Amazin! comments on Youtube that the previous ad could only dream of, it’s already a staple of ad breaks every five fucking minutes.

Watchers can always turn the television off. In many ways it’s the front-of-camera talent that always attract my pity. I don’t imagine the money’s great, and there are surely thousands of badly-paid jobs that don’t require workers to make themselves look like a gigantic arse in public.

I wonder just how far this meme can go. This Go Compare effort pushed the boundaries in an all-out assault on the senses. But what about a 60-second spot for Pampers simply consisting of a siren blaring and images of nappies flashed up in Technicolor.

Of course, that’s hardly the image a nappy-manufacturer want to project, but since Cadbury’s have gone all ridiculous in their advertising it raises the question of how far the envelope can be pushed.

If we’re lucky, this is the nadir. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.