Ford Kinetic design advert

Ford’s adverts are among the best of all car manufacturers, and with the likes of Beautifully Arranged Focus advert, This Is Now Fiesta advert and Ford Mondeo Desire advert they’ve been on a bit of a roll.

Ford’s product is strong too, in Europe at any rate. The Ka, Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo and Kuga are pretty much market-leaders in their segments and the Kinetic design language translates pretty well across the line-up – it’s certainly streets ahead of Ford’s late 90s New Edge design, which didn’t seem to feature any edges whatsoever.

So, an advert pushing most of Ford’s new models and their smart looks is a good idea.

But Ford has chosen to highlight this facet of the models with the notion that the cars look like they’re moving even when they’re not. And that’s all.

I’m fairly sceptical about this claim and the advert’s claim to demonstrate this. But, further and more importantly, the only sane response to being told that a car looks like it’s moving when it’s not has to be a resounding “So what?”.

Telling your customers that your design language is cool is neither nor there, and it’s not even a claim that stands up to much scrutiny. I think it does. I know someone else who doesn’t.

I don’t think this is so much a bad advert, just a strange one. What a car is like when it is moving is what counts to me and, given that Ford’s models are so strong, I’m baffled as to why the Kinetic design advert is being pushed so much.