Sanex DERMO ACTIVE deodorant advert

Right, skin does not have rights. I’ve read Locke, Aristotle, Plato, Rousseau and half a dozen others on rights. None of them make mention of the natural rights of skin.

There’s not one, let alone three. And underarm skin? Definitely not. Life, liberty and property – not life, liberty and armpits. Nowhere in Locke’s body of work do I remember a treatise on stinky pits.

This idea that humans have right pertaining to food, soap, communication and entertainment is another tiresome development of advertising – and another aspect of advertisers creating an artificial preception of total requirements in the minds of consumers.

In this case it’s suggesting that deodorant is an inalienable right. Pathetic.

The only other thing that’s remarkable about this truly absurd advert is wondering how many thousands of hours were spent photoshopping out titties and winkies.