How Do You Know If An Advert Is Shit?

Because the internet is a place infested by people hell-bent of opposing virtually every view they come across – see the Guardian’s Comment Is Free – or displaying ‘aggression and unkindness’ at every turn, it sometimes behoves a blogger to justify his various thoughts.

This is, generally, absurd, and it should be a given these days that anything clearly presented as a subjective opinion comes with an imaginary ‘in my opinion…’ prefix.

Getting into an argument on your own blog is rarely constructive, and generally reductive – eventually descending into nothing more than another ‘swirling online guff storm’ as Charlie Brooker has it.

‘Who are you to say whether this advert is shit?’ is a common question on AdTurds. I’m someone who has worked in the media for ten years and often writes about adverts, which is plenty qualification as far as I’m concerned – as if anyone actually needs any kind of qualification for voicing an opinion an a blog.

But there are actually all kinds of metrics out there to gauge the efficacy of an advert: sales, tracking, focus groups, polls. They’ll all be out there somewhere, hidden in the draws of some marketing agency.

More obviously Youtube and other social media are a good way to crowd source opinion, though I’d caution against placing too much stock in them, unless they’re wildly negative.

Luckily, every now and then, a bit of research from a marketing or PR outfit finds its way onto the net. I happened to stumble across a poll on Yahoo’s brand penetration following its recent Anthem advert

Unfortunately for the big Y! it revealed that awareness of Yahoo as a brand fell of a cliff following the debut of their new series of adverts and expensive relaunch.

So, if you ever wanted proof that an ad was shit, check this out.

If that’s not an AdTurd, I’d hate to see what a genuine stinker does to your brand.