30 Allegedly Hilarious Print Ads

Print ads, to my mind, are generally much more witty, well-observed, subtle and simply well put-together. There’s no captive audience, as there is in multimedia advertising. If your target is going to see and engage with your ad, they need to want to. So, many standard TV ad techniques – loud noises, bad music, twats, annoyance – simply aren’t available to the print ad creative.

First they need to stand out, visually. Then they need to have something relevant to say. Thirdly that message needs to be memorable. That’s quite a lot to think about when you’ve got three columns on page 14 of the Express to conjure with.

Anyway, the full article is over at spyrestudios in an article that says much the same thing that I just did, only in a rather less curmudgeonly fashion.

I wouldn’t describe all of them as hilarious, but they’re all pretty good by my reckoning. Except the Pringles one – that’s shit. A couple of my favourites are below.