Feeling yourself? Canesten duo advert

I’ve nothing against this advert as it goes, as I think it does a decent job of communicating a fairly awkward message: namely a message that concerns vaginal itching.

So, Canesten is one of those products that is likely to be in constant demand. It’s not a hard sell, but it’s about embedding the brand name in the heads of women everywhere.

The visuals and straightforward voiceover complement things fairly well, and the whole thing does a fairly good job of avoiding any nasty talk of sexual organs and the unpleasant things that can happen to them.

Until, that is, the final line that really strains credulity. After the previously straight-laced style, we get the following pay-off:

‘…leaving you feeling yourself again.’

This has slipped under the radar dozens of times, and it took someone else to point it out to me.

Is it deliberate? Is it a cute little wink at the audience? Or is it possible that a reference to masturbation in an advert about female genitalia just happened to find its way into the script.

We may never know, but I’d like that think that somewhere in Soho there’s an underpaid ad exec with a smirk on his or her face.