10:10 – No pressure AKA cut CO2 or we’ll kill you

Trying to convince people to green up their lives a little bit is a tricky one at best, especially on the internet where various forms of naysayers and- HOLY FUCK SHE EXPLODED THE FUCKING CHILDREN!

Jesus. Anyway, as I was saying it’s tough to convince people of the need to scale back their personal carbon emissions when our whole economy rests on the very concept of- WHAT THE COCKING FUCK? THOSE PEOPLE JUST ERUPTED LIKE A GEYSER OF SHIT IN AN INDUSTRIAL PIG FARM!

What makes it all the more difficult is when you try to patronise or shock people, and this 10:10 advert is a case in SHITTING CRIKEY! DAVID GINOLA JUST EXPLODED LIKE A PORN STAR IN JENNA JAMESON’S FACE!

The problem is any message is lost amongst the shock value inherent in TWUNTING HECKERS! HE JUST TORE APART GILLIAN ANDERSON LIKE AN ANGRY CHEF SHREDDING A CRISPY DUCK!