Sky’s sickly Christmas schedule promo

Taken on their own, the elements in the promo for Sky’s festive offerings wouldn’t really irritate me. But the sheer frequency of it across Sky’s various channels has made it extremely maddening.

Helena Bonham-Carter’s annoying face; George Clooney’s American Fantastic Mr Fox; Alec Baldwin’s fat, sweaty, naked body; the stupid voiceover guy’s ridiculous voice…

But most of all is the horrible soundtrack; a song so monumentally twee that it makes Mariah Carey sound like Burial. It’s a vile three minutes by feckless hippified outfit Orba Squara that sounds like it’s been put together by a committee of focus group wonks; dredged through Sunny Delight and covered with hundreds and thousands by Justin Bieber.

Sickly, and sickening.