Watch Jamie Redknapp smash it

AdTurds is fairly nonplussed by the apparently bomb-proof Redknapp clan, advertising’s new royalty. While neither seem unpleasant in any way (well, annoying yes, but not actively unpleasant), they’re not the most engaging of couples and their ubiquity is baffling.

Redknapp survived the carnage at Sky by virtue of being – by all accounts – a nice bloke and having the good grace to look uncomfortable and embarrassed by Richard Keys’ talk of ‘smashing’ a lady known to both of them.

Keys went even further, adding that – in his opinion – one may have found Redknapp at any given time ‘hanging out the back of it’. Charming.

So while there’s no mention of Redknapp hanging out the back of anything in this ad for a Nintendo Wii footy game, it is perhaps unfortunate that Jamie Redknapp can be seen encouraging his young son to ‘smash it’.

Take a bow, son.