March 2011 Adturds keywords – angry, angry people

It’s that time again when we learn what the great British population really thinks of adverts. Well, the things they type into search engines that amuse me, anyway.

The usual cast of awful ads that enrage people, bubbling, boiling hatred, bafflement and sexual perversity. Just your typical day at the AdTurds office, really.

“here come the girls” fuck off – 50 whole queries!
what does the guy say at the end of the cadbury cream eggs advert? – 11 visits!
paul whitehouse dead
here come the sodding girls
i hate louise redknapp advert breasts
louise redknapp stupid
neville wanless lady microphone vagina
did confuse . com used to be a comparison website
jacamo fat cunt
lick the chocolate off the patula
louise redknapp thick
who is the fat little cunt in moneysupermarket?
“isa isa baby my fucking arse”
adverts about masturbation
adverts involving masturbation
adverts with metrosexuals
annoying fat bastard in jacamo advert
asparagus cocks
barclays ads voice over 2011 cunt
barclays ads, annoying twat
barclays adverts is absolutely the worst i have ever seen
bmw adverts are not owned by people who can afford it
boobs chain reaction
boots here come the girls flu shit
bouncing breasts on advert
bt + tell them to fuck off about thier adverts
bt jane bitch
bt jane nipple slip
bukkake creme egg
creme egg ejaculation
creme egg cum
creme egg jizz
carey mulligan masturbates
confused pulling things from her fanny taking flowers out of pussy
creme egg explosion advert
creme egg orgasm
creme eggs cum
do isa isa baby up the arse
eastender hair transplant
funny dog rape advert 2010
get this shit off my screen,
halifax advert cunts
having to shit in a leotard
how to be a twat wine critic
i hate adverts with children in them
i want to smash louise redknapp
isa isa baby actress death threats
little chinese girl with a talking cake advert
looks like cream egg ejaculating
marco pierre white bernard matthews idiot
men in ties fucking men
milfs who want shagging halifax uk
sane men to murderous havoc
sausage as dildo
shane richie hair piece
we buy any car for fuck all
what are the words to the spam up advert?
what does chris jacob think on ford fiesta?
what’s the advert about when the woman pulls the microphone from her bottom?
why armpits make women look hot
why do they always make dads look stupid in commercials
chupa chups ants assessed