Epic Nature Valley Maths Fail?

Social networks have been all aflutter with an EPIC MATHS FAIL from Nature Valley – they make flapjacks – on a front page ad on Metro today. The oat-rollers declared that they have increased the deliciousness of their bars by 200% by, er, adding another bar to the existing one.

Leaving aside the fact that doubling deliciousness is a tricky task at the best of times – and a nebulous one at that – you would only need to increase deliciousness by 100% if you’re doubling the amount of bars; assuming you think that doubling in size equals doubling deliciousness.

How silly Nature Valley must feel! How ridiculous that their #ELEMENTARY MATHS FAIL is being seen by people all of the country! How stupid they must feel that everyone on Twitter and Facebook and blogs is talking about their delicious, oaty, sweet flapjacks!

Mmmm. Delicious, oaty, sweet flapjacks….