Chip shop adverts: Sausages in love

I was in a chip shop recently and saw these two wonders of print advertising. They are undeniably terrible, but I like them. They’re not trying to be anything other than what they are.


Namely, that means a pair of sausages being all lovey-dovey while sitting on a plate of chips; and three girls in the back of a taxi, happily sharing a dirty kebab.

In the case of the latter it’s a bit silly. I doubt these girls would see a ‘great night’ ending with a load of reconstituted, mechanically-recovered meat – but who am I to argue?

In the case of the second there’s something very old-fashioned and gauche about this. It features two anthropomorphic sausages, very much in love because, well, because they’re sausages. And people love sausages.

mcwhinneys sausages

“Love is… McWhinneys Sausages,” it tells us. These sausages represent, we’re told, “love at first bite”. Love seems to be a common theme with McWhinneys’ marketing materials. Take a look at this:

This is an advert by McWhinneys about sausages, riffing off Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love. It’s called Addicted to Love – Sausage Parody. Its killer line is “Gonna have to face it; it’s McWhinneys I love”.

At the end of the advert a giant sausage joins the sausage-loving band. I find it hard to believe that – at the end of it all – the entire cast and crew didn’t simply get down on their hands and knees and weep.

But, hey. These are a bit inept and a bit silly. But at least they’re honest. At least they’re not trying to annoy us. At least they’re not up their own backsides. At least they’re not trying to drum some crapulous mantra into our heads. At least they’re simple, good, honest shit adverts.

Final thought. Sausages having sex. How does that work? Happy New Year.