advert Twitter hatred

How does the advert make you feel? If you have any sense the answer is, of course, murderous. But I thought I’d see how people on twitter feel about it. They tend to be more baffled than annoyed. Though many of them are baffled and annoyed.

So I’ve compiled what people on Twitter think of the advert. You can see it below. Imagine that. What people are thinking about an advert in real time.

A cursory browse of this feed reveals the words ‘boobs’, ‘tits’ and ‘slut’ to be most frequently used in relation to the advert. I’d say you can roughly split responses into bemusement over the amount of bouncing tits on show and irritation over the awful music. There’s a calvacade of negative smileys.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the feed below. Watch a live feed of people complaining about one of the most awful frigging adverts ever. To get you going, these were the latest ones when I published this post.

Has anyone else noticed how well endowed the women are on the advert

Why in the advert is the black woman overweight with exaggerated cleavage & makes the air balloon thing break?

I always thought the person on the advert was a boy until she started singing had developed breasts

I find it so weird when cartoons have boobs eg. The advert #whywhywhy

omg the advert is so rude 😮

The advert is getting annoying now

The boobs in the advert. :I Calm it.

I’m getting sick of the balding woman’s breasts on the advert jiggling around. Why would the animate her jiggling boobs?!

The boobs on the advert are far too detailed for a cartoon

The Confused.Com advert is getting very irritating!

I don’t know where to look when the advert, so many tits.

on the advert when she pulls the nectar points out of her skirt and you just wonder where the pockets are. advert hatred – live!