Have you ever wanted to turn your basement into a kitchen? Yes of course you have, we all have.

What about turning your oubliette into a wetroom? Or your lounge into a communal shower area? Surely you’d want to give serious consideration to swapping your kitchen and bathroom around. I mean, just imagine that. A fucking toilet in your kitchen.

With the magic of Saniflo it’s now possible to add plumbed-in goods like sinks in your house without building a new house. Sheesh, that’s some lateral thinking right there.

If you’re brave enough to consider this radical departure in sanitation then you’ll certainly want an unnervingly smiley man with one of the strangest accents every heard to do the work for you.

Look how HAPPY they are

“Yaw see, with Saneeflaw installing a toilet right eee-ar is as easy as this!”

I’m going to give you some advice – if you can afford to get a toilet fitted into a small downstairs cupboard I strongly advise you to do so. Just wait until estate agents hear about this.

Saniflo is going to revolutionise how, where and when we shit and wash our hands. Mark my words.

NB. Also file under: Crimes Against Music (Mozart – Alla Turka)