PETA: The Most Pathetic Advert Ever

I can’t find the words to describe my contempt for this latest advert from PETA, but I’m tempted to go out and buy some veal just to spite them.

PETA’s modus operandi seems to be to make any and every claim under the sun – and to use any available tactic imaginable – in their mission to stop people eating meat.

I think the aim is reasonable enough, but if you’re willing to invoke domestic violence or a thinly-disguised reference to violent sex – or humiliate women (see here, and here) then you’re probably mental.

peta bwvaktboom

If you’re also willing to use spurious scientific claims to tell men that they can last longer, have stronger erections and not come so quickly during sex if only they eat more avocados – then you probably shouldn’t complain when people suggest you have zero credibility.