Crimes Against Music: Vauxhall

Beyond a lament for Ian Dury, I offer no comment on the following.

The soundtrack to ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’ is inspired by Ian Drury’s iconic hit from the 70’s and is updated by Sense, a UK rapper. The ad uses people of Britain to inform the creative and follows the best things about being British.

Taking iconic scenes such as ice-cream on the beach, kicking about in the park, country lanes and festivals, the ad is littered with quintessential British idiosyncrasies such as, ‘looking on the bright side’, ‘gassing about the weather’ and ‘giving it some leather’. The little things that make people cheerful such as fish and chip forks and camping in the rain run through the campaign and depict people enjoying British life with the Vauxhall Astra Bi-Turbo weaving through these scenes.

The rationale behind the output by the Midlands agency stems from the model being an integral part in British culture for over three decades and its evolution as a vehicle ideally suited to reflecting the quintessentially British way of life; in essence, it positions the Astra as if it were ‘made for Britain’.

Vauxhall. Sort out your advertising, for fucks’ sake.