The Mystery of Vistaprint

Vistaprint currently has two ads offering two rather different deals. See if you can spot the difference.

100 business cards:

So, 100 business cards actually costs a tenner when you factor in VAT and delivery. Unconvinced? No worries – Vistaprint has another offer:

250 cards for £9.99 exc VAT:

So, twelve quid for 250 cards. It’s hardly surprising that buying in bulk is more cost effective, but that’s quite a difference. In addition, why advertise one price excluding VAT and another excluding VAT and delivery?

That strikes me as rather deliberately confusing, rather like the way that supermarkets will advertise price is units according to per 100g, per kilogram or per hundredweight – or even in abstract terms such as ‘a lot’ or ‘loads’ to make a direct comparison more difficult.

Let’s hope Vistaprint business cards end up a little clearer than their adverts.

• As an epilogue, I can’t be the only one to think of this whenever someone actually reveals a physical business card these days, can I?