Birds Eye Inspirations Advert: The Proposal

How the Bird’s Eye Inspirations advert about a couple heating a ready meal goes – and how it should go.

Bird’s Eye Inspirations presents The Parting of the Ways: featuring cod, with resigned despair, and a green vegetable apology

Man: What do you think of the table?

Woman: [Blank stare] I’ve heated a ready meal for us.

Man: Oh.

Woman: Because I’m not that arsed about our relationship.

Man: I see.

Woman: I suppose, if I really did love you, I’d actually go to the effort of cooking something, rather than heating a ready meal.

Man: Yes, I can see that. And I suppose that if I was every going to propose to you I’d’ve done it by now. Frankly it feels like neither of us are making the effort. I mean, Bird’s Eye for crying out loud – I’m 35 years old.

Woman: I can’t argue with any of the points that you’ve made. I suppose I should feel something.

Man: Frankly this meal is a metaphor for our relationship.

Woman: Yes.

Bird’s Eye – when you just can’t be arsed any more