Sky’s sickly Christmas schedule promo

Taken on their own, the elements in the promo for Sky’s festive offerings wouldn’t really irritate me. But the sheer frequency of it across Sky’s various channels has made it extremely maddening.

Helena Bonham-Carter’s annoying face; George Clooney’s American Fantastic Mr Fox; Alec Baldwin’s fat, sweaty, naked body; the stupid voiceover guy’s ridiculous voice…

But most of all is the horrible soundtrack; a song so monumentally twee that it makes Mariah Carey sound like Burial. It’s a vile three minutes by feckless hippified outfit Orba Squara that sounds like it’s been put together by a committee of focus group wonks; dredged through Sunny Delight and covered with hundreds and thousands by Justin Bieber.

Sickly, and sickening.

Marks and Spencer’s Christmas 2009 advert

Eight people have complained about this ad, which features Philip Glenister channelling DCI Gene Hunt, because he makes a reference to a ‘girl prancing around in her underwear’.

It may have escaped the attention of these viewers, but approximately 80 per cent of all adverts feature girls prancing around in their underwear – particularly Marks & Spencer’s adverts.

It’s one of the overriding features of M&S adverts of late – a coterie of skinny models swanning around in M&S wear.

It’s also a feature of Life on Mars, clearly referenced, which regularly features Hunt making references to tarts, slags and birds and the tits and arses thereon.

I’m a bit baffled as to exactly what people think is offensive about this one. I don’t even think it’s that bad – like I said the other day about the Iceland Xmas advert I can’t really find it in my heart to loathe things that at least reference a pleasant time.

Anyway, here it is. Mind you don’t have a heart attack.