MoneySupermarket Advert #EpicWolf

moneysupermarket advert #epicwolf

I don’t think MoneySupermarket ever expected to have such as massive hit on its hands with Dave’s arse-jiggling epic strut. Why? Because it’s made such an abysmal job of trying to replicate that surprise success ever since, with #EpicWolf the latest in a series comprising feeble Xeroxes of the original advert.

After Dave there was Colin, the #EpicBuilder – featuring a tubby workie on a building site flouncing around as if he were Miley Cyrus crossed with David Elsewhere. And now we have Presidential bodyguard Gary, bodypopping to some sort of remix of Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf – christened as #EpicWolf, clearly in the hope that people actually start tweeting with that hashtag. I can’t really believe I just typed that sentence. Epic – like legendary – has become some sort of shortcut to unquestionably awesome things. But this is not unquestionably awesome.

Whether you liked Dave or not it was eye-catching – especially after a meandering set of adverts featuring dancing elephants and Snoop Dogg – but this is already an enormous case of diminishing returns. Despite what MoneySupermarket may claim, Epic Builder and Epic Wolf just aren’t anywhere near as bizarrely compelling. It’s not a case of WFT? and more, but FFS.

There has not been any sort of message behind these MoneySupermarket adverts for a long time now – just a desperate attempt to grab your attention like a grizzly toddler pawing at you while rubbing its eyes. That’s how a group of people come to throw millions of quids at something as feeble as #EpicWolf.

It brings to mind a roomful of creatives people at agency Mother desperately pitching ever more absurd Epic permutations in the hope that one of them catches fire.

“A till attendant in a supermarket start bogling to Uptown Funk – #EpicTesco!”

“A dwarf lollypop man dances the Macarena – #EpicLolly!”

“A group of Jehova’s Witnesses suddenly break into Thriller – #EpicGodbotherer!”

Every ten minutes the entire team is sacked if they haven’t come up with a winner. Michael van Schoick will watch over proceedings, wiggling his arse contemptuously at the worst suggestions.

Some of them creatives would have started cutting up bits of paper and throwing them on the floor in the hope they’d make sense:

Britney Spears. A sewage worker. In a clown costume.

Iggy Pop. A loss adjuster. Withered arm.

And thus the #EpicFactory continues its grim work. Maybe once they’ve got the rights to The Laughing Gnome they will be allowed to rest. #EpicGnome.