New MoreThan adverts

MoreThan looks to have commissioned another year of its Morethan Freeman adverts as there’s a new raft of them on the tellybox at the moment.

They’re exactly the same as the previous ones, only in this batch there’s something extra – a little spot that’s all about the identity of Morethan Freeman. That’s fitting, as tens of thousand of people navigate to this site in search of answer as to exactly who MoreThan Freeman is.

The answer is rather mundane, he’s an impressionist called Josh Robert Thompson. But s we’re talking about financial services advertising we have to have some ridiculous character to be the face of More Than, so no doubt we can expect a ridiculous backstory and series of virals and a Facebook profile.

Which is all a bit boring really. But there you go. Thanks for listening. I’m AdTurd Ant.

Not really.

The new Morethan TV ads